4 Secrets To Getting Your Personal Loan Right

For many, personal lending is a great ally in solving financial problems. However, in order for the loans to meet the proposed objective, it is necessary to get the search right by paying careful attention to the offers and conditions made available.

Whether it’s debts, buying a new car, or moving home: follow our post and reflect on the 4 secrets and tricks you should consider when hiring a loan.


1. Analyze loan need

Analyze loan need

Before signing the personal loan agreement, a good review should be done beforehand. One has to be sure that the amount or acquisition is indeed necessary at that time.

Is it advantageous to get a loan to pay off all your debts? Is this an ideal time to buy a new car? These are questions that should be carefully observed in order to discard the hiring of credit only on impulse is the famous consumerism.


2. Consider getting your personal loan out of your bank


Usually banks offer you loans, but consider looking out of the box. That is, look for rates in other banks or even other institutions that may charge lower interest, such as JustLend. You can save a lot if you do market research before hiring a loan. You can do this in the GuiaBayment application comparator, for example.


3. Compare CET (Total Effective Cost)

personal loan

Many clients tend to analyze only the monthly interest rate and the value of the installments, but knowing the total effective cost of the personal loan transaction is a deciding factor in choosing the best option. They are included in this cost, in addition to interest, fees such as insurance and taxes.

Even if you are an account holder at a particular bank, after simulating the contract with your agency, it is worth comparing the conditions with other banking institutions. Often due to a good customer track record, competitors may offer relevant conditions and advantages that deserve consideration.


4. Search for loans online

online loan

One practice that is being adopted by many people is to take out personal loans online: due to the lack of a large physical structure that lower costs, it is a platform for credit. Said online can provide loans with interest rates and installment conditions much more attractive, in addition to the speed in the release of values.

Among the many options available in the market, it is worth consulting the conditions provided by JustLend, Legend Lend and Simply Money. All institutions are on the GuiaBayment price comparator.

Taking advantage of our tips, we are sure that you now know how to seek and hire the best personal loan for your family. If you have any questions or suggestions on the subject, leave your comment and share your opinion with other readers!

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